Hello to all my Nonnis!! i hope you are all having a great time on your trip... without me :(. But while your gone i will keep u up to date with what has been happening in my world! Lov U All xoxo

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hello From Big Nonnis house

Yestersay (saturday) we went for a trip down to you mums. Jon wanted to cut the grass and do a few bits n bobs. They were so happy to see us.. it was cute. Your Dad was great.. smiling and chatting away. jon said he is much better then bfr. Your Mum is good too.. u know how she is

I brought my laptop with us so i could show them your blog . She has a good laugh at some of your pictures

Kaidan n Big Nonna
Helping Dad

Doin his dutys

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