Hello to all my Nonnis!! i hope you are all having a great time on your trip... without me :(. But while your gone i will keep u up to date with what has been happening in my world! Lov U All xoxo

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Kaidan had so much fun at playgroup, on wednesday! He played with the cars, in the shopping corner scanning away his items heheh he did some drawing and also a painting! he was so proud of it.he told me of a moon and a ball and socks.... lol when we got home i stuck it up on our pantry door. When jon got home kaidan told jon about his day at playgroup.. HIS PAINTING!!! was so cute

in the afternoon can cut up his apple for a snack and he did a grat job (YES it was a plastic knife heheh)

kaidan n his painting

Next MasterCheif? hehe

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Day at the Park

*Yay* Finally the sun was out, so kaidan and i made the most of it and went to the park!
kaidan had heaps of fun running around.. while i tried to keep up, but i was stuffed in the end! Dont think im cut out for climbing atm heheheh

Kaidan LOVES the slide


Yay i made it!
I can see nonnas house!

Stupid blog!

im not sure why its keeps posting my pictures 100 times... and i cant work out how to take them down.. over it!

Kaidans bedroom

slowly coming along, we now have the bed, shelves, a clock and a painting!!!
jon and i had a bit of a tiff about what should go where.. and Jon won.. only coz the final of Master chief was on heheheh
we still have alot to do, well jon does , and hopefully he gets back into the swing of things soon!!

kaidan helping

"Hmm i think we are on the right track"
zig zag shelves!

Testing out my new bed

Clock and Shelves
Picture.. now hanging!!! yay

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well as the weather here is very crap, kaidan and i went to the Target toy sale.. and shopd up BIG heheh Jokes i was able to contain myself, but as for kaidan well he wanted EVERYTHING hehehe
'up and straight to the stickers'

'nice weather for ducks!'
We couldnt find Rex so we got buzz instead!! kaidan lovs it and has been playin with buzz all day/night long!

'Proof that we brought him hehehe'
On Sunday we are off to Ikea to get Kaidans new BIG BOY Bed, so i will keep you posted on what we are up too!! ps jon was 2 board short of finishing kaidans floor boards lol i thought it was funny.. jon didnt

'So close!!! '